Yumnuts Almonds, Dark Chocolate

Flavor roasted. Oven baked. No added oils. No cholesterol. No trans fat. No sodium. Lighter tastes better. 100% natural. Not treated with propylene-oxide (PPO). Good source of protein, fiber & vitamin E. At Yumnuts, we're nuts about great taste and believe that lighter snacks can taste better. Our flavor roasted almonds are slow-baked to a lower moisture level, so they really are lighter. We bake the 100% natural seasonings onto the nut without oil to give the almonds a light, delicious crunch. - Tyler, Jerome, Mike. Say No to PPO: Most almonds are treated with propylene-oxide (PPO), a chemical classified as a B2 probable human carcinogen by the US Environmental Protection Agency. Yumnuts are steam-pasteurized or dry-roasted instead of treated with PPO. Our Flavor Roasted Lightness Guarantee: We don't subject our nuts to the extreme heat, fast cooking and oily conditions employed by the BNC's (big nut companies). Every Yumnut is flavor roasted for maximum lightness and taste. Enjoy! Gluten free.