Fresh Express Baby Butter and Crisp Tango Lettuces, Sweet Tender Greens

Loaded with natural phytonutrients that help boost immunity. Thoroughly washed. Fresh! No preservatives. Over 80 years of freshness. Since 1926. Why we're so fresh! Cool and Crisp: Fresh Express cools our salads within hours of harvesting and keeps them cold all the way to the store. Washed & Ready: All Fresh Express salads are thoroughly washed, rinsed and gently dried, then sealed in a Keep-Crisp bag for long lasting freshness without preservatives. Delivered Fresh Daily: Fresh Express delivers the freshest salads to your store every day. At Fresh Express, we are passionate about delivering the freshest, highest quality salads possible! Our team of food scientists and agricultural experts are committed to exceeding industry standards so we can guarantee the freshness of every leaf, every single day. 40 Points - Healthy Rewards for healthy living. Phytonutrients: Power from nature! Fresh Express delivers a way for you to naturally increase energy and boost immunity! Our exclusive Sweet Tender Greens is loaded with phytonutrients - natural health promoting compounds found only in plants such as carotenoids and flavonoids to help: Boost immunity; Promote eye health; Provide antioxidant protection. How we do it! We worked with nutritionists to create delicious and unique salad blends that naturally give you a little extra oomph! Harvested at the peak of freshness, each bag contains a wide variety of these healthful phytonutrients. Sealed for maximum freshness & safety. Reseal for freshness. Ingredients may vary.