Sohgave All Natural Blue Agave Nectar Honey Flavor

Sohgave™! Honey Flavor Agave Nectar All Natural Blue. Bee free. All natural. USDA organic. The gold standard. Blue Agave™. The low glycemic agave. Will not crystallize like honey. Dissolves instantly in hot or cold. Equitably traded. Organic. Certified organic by: Colorado Department of Agriculture. No enzymes were added in the processing of this fine product. Good manufacturing processes are used to produce this quality product. Other Sohgave! Flavors. Light delicate taste. Amber rich flavor. Raw gently processed at 118 degrees. Try maple Sohgave! Syrup too. Sohgave! Guarantees product satisfaction or your money back. Vegan. Blue weber agave. Sohgave™! Honey flavor nectar: oh yeah! You probably won't be able to tell it, but Sohgave! All natural honey flavor nectar contains no honey! We're giving the bees a break. Our nectar is vegan, organic, kosher, and made with the Gold Standard Blue Agave™ upon which Sohgave! Stakes its name. Pour it on! You'll find our nectar easier to work with than honey. It dissolves quickly. It won't crystallize. And you'll love the way it pours! Health benefits: lower is better! Sohgave! Is a healthy option to sugar and honey because it is sweeter, so you can use less - and save calories! It will not cause a blood sugar spike like many other sweeteners since it is lower on the Glycemic Index (GI). Hi. Glucose. Maple syrup. Honey. Low. Sohgave! Honey. Glycemic Index (GI) meter. For recipes and information visit ©2011.