Plockys Mediterranean Munchies Hummus Chips, Roasted Garlic

Since 1988. Gluten-free. All natural. Made from real hummus, roasted garlic & olive oil. A delightfully crunchy snack! 100% all-natural ingredients. Non-GMO. Zero trans fat. 20 chips only 120 calories. We use ELISA Gluten Assay test to ensure our product is gluten-free. Gluten-free, no trans fat, GMO-free, certified Kosher (K-0000425). Savor the taste of this delightfully crunchy Mediterranean snack made from real hummus with roasted garlic and olive oil. We use only the finest all-natural ingredients to make Hummus Chips, with absolutely no preservatives, zero trans-fat and no genetic modification. Hummus Chips are naturally gluten-free, come certified Kosher and perfect with your favorite dip. They make an ideal nutritional snack for lunch an can satisfy your snack cravings day or night. Discover Plocky's Hummus Chips in 5 savory flavors for a tasty, healthy alternative to ordinary snacks. Enjoy. - P.C. Plocky. Natural snacks for today's consumer! Facebook: Like us on Facebook: Plocky's Fine Snacks. Twitter: Follow us on Twitter: At PlockysSnacks. Product of USA.