Zatarain's New Orleans Style Spanish Rice

Zatarain's® New Orleans Style Spanish Rice. A new orleans tradition. Since 1889. Just add tomatoes. Gluten free. ©2011 Zatarain's. This easy-to-prepare rice dish has just the right blend of ingredients for a great tasting, authentic new orleans style meal. Zatarain's has been the leader in authentic new orleans style food since 1889. So when you want great flavor, jazz it up with Zatarain's! Try these other Zatarain's products: Jambalaya mix. Red beans and rice. Dirty rice mix. Reduced sodium rice mix varieties. Gumbo mix. Fish-Fri®. Creole seasoning. Creole mustard. Frozen entrees. Comments or questions Call 1-877-837-3796 or visit us at for great recipe ideas and product information. Zatarain's®. Frozen entrees. Now available in the freezer aisle. Zatarain's alfredo. Zatarain's red beans & rice with sausage. Zatarain's Jambalaya flavored with sausage. Zatarain's dirty rice with beef & pork. Enjoy authentic new orleans meals fast! Try Zatarain's new Orleans style frozen entrees.