Dog Chow Senior 7+ Dog Chow

With Soft-Moist Bites: Easy-to-chew; Great taste. Build: Digestive health. Replenish: Cells of vital organs including a healthy heart. Nourish: Muscles, bones & joints. Healthy morsels. Soft & crunchy bites. Purina we're unconditionally devoted to pets. 100% Complete & balanced nutrition for senior dogs that builds, replenishes & nourishes every day. Build: Digestive Health - Formulated with the high-quality protein and carbohydrate and fiber needed to support the constant turnover of older dogs' intestinal cells. Nourish: Muscle Cells - Provides the amino acids and minerals needed to maintain healthy muscles; Bones & Joints - Supplies optimal levels of calcium, phosphorus and protein to help maintain healthy bones, joints and teeth, which continue to be important in senior dogs. Replenish: Healthy Immune System - Replenishes building blocks of the immune system with a special combination of protein and antioxidant nutrients to help your dog stay healthy; Cells of Vital Organs Including a Healthy Heart - Provides a complex spectrum of essential nutrients to help senior dogs support and replenish the cells of vital organs, including a healthy heart. Contains vitamin A to help maintain healthy vision. Dogs seven years and older may still look like young dogs - they may even show playful puppy behaviors. But the fact is, as dogs age, their nutritional needs change. The crunchy bites from corn, chewy meaty chunks and vegetable accents in Purina Dog Chow Senior 7+ provide a flavorful meal with the specialized nutrition older dogs need. It is perfect nutrition to help your senior dog build, replenish and nourish his body every day. Features a variety of easy-to-chew, great-tasting kibble. Complete nutrition for senior dogs, with antioxidants helps support a healthy immune system. We've dedicated over 75 years to developing high-quality products that satisfy the needs of dogs and cats. Animal feeding tests using Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) procedures substantiate that Purina Dog Chow Sensor 7+ provides complete and balanced nutrition for all life stages.