GE Energy Smart Light Bulb, Instant On, 26 Watts

General purpose. A smart way to save energy. 26 watt = 100 watt (Electricity cost savings based on using the bulb for 6000 hr rated life (1660 lumens) at 10 cents per kilowatt hour compared to eight 100 watt soft white incandescent bulbs (1690 lumens, rated life 750 hrs). $44 in energy savings. Sunshine - 4 year. Simulates midday sunlight. 5000K. Light Output: 1660 lumens (Lumens are stated in base-up position. In base down position, lumens will be 1602). Energy Used: 26 watts. Life: 6000 hours. To save energy costs, find the bulbs with the light outpost you need, then choose the one with the lowest watts. Energy star. UL Listed self-ballasted lamp. Made in China.