Trend Fresh Clean Scent Powder Laundry Detergent 22 Oz Box

Product information: safe for washers and septic tanks. The surfactants (sudsing/cleaning agents) in trend® detergent are biodegradable. Trend® detergent cleans in all temperatures with fresh, clean scent. You get hard-working performance at a reasonable price. The fill height may vary as the result of settling during shipment. Quality & responsibility henkel. Worldwide, for more than 130 years, our brands have combined quality with respect for people and the environment. This is what henkel stands for--today and tomorrow. Aroma limpio y refrescante. Ataca la mugre y el mal olor! Informacion del producto: seguro para lavadoras y tanques septicos. No contiene fosfato. Los surfactantes (agentes jabonosos y limpiadores) EN el detergente trend® son biodegradables. Detergente trend® limpia EN todas las temperaturas con aroma limpio y fresco. Obteniendo un buen rendimiento a un precio razonable. la altura del contenido puede variar como resultado del asentamiento durante el envio. With stain fighting power Attacks dirt And odors For all machines including he Contains no phosphate; 10 loads