Arm & Hammer Plus Oxi Clean Crystal Burst 4-in-1 Power Paks Concentrated Detergent - 16 CT

Crystal Burst Single Use Laundry Detergent Power Paks 4-In-1. Arm & Hammer The Standard of Purity plus OxiClean stain fighters. Powerful cleaning at a fraction of the cost!*. Resealable package. *Per load vs. the leading liquid. Deep cleaning micro crystals. Removes tough stains. Brightens & whitens. No measuring. 16 paks concentrated detergent. For all machines including he. Detergent, baking soda and 2 types of OxiClean stain fighters all in one powerful pak! Only Arm & Hammer has a pak with 99% active cleaning crystals for a pure clean. Drop one in today! The better way to whiter, brighter and fresher laundry. Questions or comments 1-800-617-4220 Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM ET or visit us at 2011 Church & Dwight Co., Inc. Safe for septic tanks. Contains no phosphate.