Olay Total Effects Moisturizer Plus, Gradual Sunless Tanner

7 in one. Gives skin a sun-kissed glow over time, while fighting 7 signs of aging. Total Effects Fights 7 Signs of Aging: 1. Fine lines and wrinkles: rapidly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 2. Dullness: gives skin a sun-kissed glow. 3. Uneven Tone: balances and helps even skin tone. 4. Age Spots: rapidly reduces appearance of age spots. 5. Uneven Texture: smoothes and evens skin texture. 6. Dryness: provides nourishing moisturization. 7. Pores: rapidly minimizes the appearance of pores. Why is this product right for you? This daily all-in-one moisturizer with a proven vitamin rich anti-aging complex plus a gradual sunless tanner fights 7 signs of aging for younger-looking skin with a sun-kissed glow. For a complete anti-aging regimen use Total Effects 7 in one cleansers and treatments. Dermatologically tested. Oil-free and fast-absorbing. Questions? 1-800-285-5170. www.olay.com. Made in USA.