Sugar in the Raw Turbinado Cane Sugar - 25 CT

Sugar in the Raw® Turbinado Cane Sugar. Certified Vegan. Net Wt. 4 oz. (113 g). The In The Raw® sweetener family business is rooted in Brooklyn. We started with Sugar In The Raw® in 1970, sourced where the tropical sun meets rich, fertile soil and cool mountain waters. There are only a precious few places in the world where all the conditions are perfect for nature's own sweetener. Sugar In The Raw premium turbinado sugar is made from 100% natural, non-GMO sugar cane. The natural molasses in the crystals produces a distinctive taste, hearty texture and natural golden color.* Use Sugar In The Raw in place of ordinary refined sugar, and savor the delicious old-fashioned taste! The In The Raw family of sweeteners has since branched out to include Stevia In The Raw®, Agave In The Raw®, Monk Fruit In The Raw® and Sugar In The Raw Organic White®. No matter how you sweeten, the In The Raw family has just the right sweet for every taste. *Because sugar cane is natural, crystals may cluster and color may vary. Organic White Sugar In The Raw® organic cane sugar. Stevia In The Raw® zero calorie sweetener. Organic Agave In The Raw® organic agave nectar. Monk Fruit In The Raw® zero calorie sweetener. Enjoy more wholesome options from the maker of in the Raw® brand sweeteners. Naturally gluten free food. Non-GMO Project Verified. Write to: Sugar In The Raw Consumer Inquiry Department, 2 Cumberland Street, Brooklyn, NY 11205 USA. For all inquiries, Call: 1-800-611-7434 (toll-free). Find recipes, tips and lots more at: