Magic Seasoning Blends Salt Free Seasoning All Purpose Blend

Magic Seasoning® Blends Salt Free Seasoning All Purpose Blend. Great on all foods! Net Wt. 5 oz (142 g). Chef Paul Prudhomme's® Magic Salt Free Seasoning® is an all-purpose blend with great taste, but without any salt! Sprinkle liberally on all foods in place of salt & pepper and enjoy the difference. Contains no MSG, no additives and no preservatives. Gluten free. Halal. Sprinkle generously on French fries, popcorn, salads, eggs and pasta. Shake extra flavor on vegetables, chicken, seafood, steaks, chops and roasts. Stir into soups, stews or salad dressings. Use liberally on grilled, baked, broiled, bronzed or blackened seafood, beef or chicken. Try all of my Magic Seasoning Blends products: 26 Magis Seasoning Blend Varieties, Magic Pepper Sauce, Magic Herbs & Spices (individual ingredients), 7 Magic Ground, Dried Chiles Magic Smoked Meats (Andouille & Tasso). Call (800) 457-2857. ©1997 Magic Seasoning Blends, Inc.