Welch's Fruit Juice Cocktail Passion Fruit Cherry

Welch's Passion Fruit Cherry Flavored Fruit Juice Cocktail Blend. Share the love! Improved taste! Family farmer owned. Made with apple, passion fruit, grape, cherry, and pineapple juices from concentrate. Contains 20% juice. Pasteurized. Crazy delicious. Super refreshing. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Try all 11 flavors! Welch's Strawberry Peach. Welch's Guava Pineapple. Welch's Berry Pineapple Passion Fruit. Welch's Concord Grape. Welch's Passion Fruit. Welch's Mango Twist. Welch's Mountain Berry. Welch's Strawberry Breeze. Contains 20% juice. Comments or questions Call 1-800-340-6870 weekdays 9 am - 4 pm ET. 2011 Welch's.