Lunchables Lunch Combinations, Mini Hot Dogs

4.1 oz (116 g) & 6.75 fl oz (200 ml). 3 Oscar Mayer hot dogs; ketchup with starch added; mustard; 100% fruit juice; Nestle Crunch. Makes 3 Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs. Good source of calcium. Makes 3 Oscar Mayer Hot Dog Wieners made with turkey & pork; buns; Lunchables; ketchup with starch added; Lunchables mustard; Capri Sun all natural 100% juice fruit dive blend of 3 fruit juices from concentrate with added ingredient & other natural flavor; Nestle Crunch bar milk chocolate with crisped rice. Inspected for wholesomeness by US Department of Agriculture. We're excited to bring this Sensible Solution product to you. We're taking steps to make Lunchables products better so they'll be a lunchtime option you can both love. Sensible Solution: Good source of calcium; good source of protein; 100% fruit juice.