Ka Me Lo Mein

All natural. Hokkien noodles in Lo Mein sauce with baby corn & bamboo shoots. Heat & serve. Ready in 2 minutes. Authentic Chinese Recipe: In the best Chinese traditions, Lo Mein represents the classic cuisine of China, KA-ME Lo Mein is a 21st century take in this heritage meal, for in just two minutes, a satisfying dish of Hokkien noodles with bamboo shoots, carrots and baby corn is ready to eat. From the cooler regions of Northern China, Lo Mein is a lightly sauced and well-seasoned stir-fry of soft noodles, fish or meat, and mixed vegetables. Celebrating the taste of Asia. KA-ME means turtle in Japanese, and is a symbol of the permanence of traditions in our approach to Asian food. For over 30 years, we've explored the cuisines of Asia, seeking authentic foods and seasonings from Japan, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Korea. Product of Thailand.