Smart Balance Sour Cream, Reduced Fat

Excellent source of omega-3s. Rich & creamy. Quick Facts: Rich in antioxidant vitamin E; zero trans fat; 30% less fat than sour cream; good source of calcium. No added growth hormones (Although the FDA has determined no significant difference has been shown from milk derived from rBST supplemented cows and non-rBST supplemented cows, Smart Balance Reduced Fat Sour Cream is made from milk from cows not treated with rBST). Omega-3s, calcium, vitamins D & E. Grade A. Great taste & good health - together at last! Smart Balance Reduced Fat Sour Cream is a rich & creamy real sour cream & our unique blend - that includes omega-3s, vitamin D, heart healthy antioxidant vitamin E and a good source level of calcium. All this - with zero trans fats. Smart Balance Reduced Fat Sour Cream is ideal for recipes, dips and toppings on your favorite foods. How Do We Stack Up: 2 Tbsp Sour Cream: 5 g fat; 2 Tbsp Smart Balance: 3.5 g fat. Long-Chain Omega-3x (EPA/DHA): 32 mg per serving; 20% daily value; 160 mg daily value. Product of USA.